VT student interested in science policy, education, and advocacy? Join SPEAC!

SPEAC website
Visit https://speacvt.wixsite.com/sciencepolicyvt

VT’s Science Policy, Education, and Advocacy Club (SPEAC) was founded by a group of graduate students in the Fall of 2019 and is already making its mark with a vibrant membership and series of regular events. SPEAC is a “group of scientists, engineers, and members of other disciplines who believe that science has an important place in policy and government. Education, advocacy, and communication are our three aims.”

SPEAC’s mission is to:

  1. Educate members about careers and opportunities in science policy and highlight why it’s important to have scientists and engineers involved in developing legislation,
  2. Help members develop the skills to effectively communicate science and policy ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences, and
  3. Empower members to get involved in advocacy and have a voice in shaping government and policy.

There is a strong link between SPEAC and the STEP program with STEP program director Todd Schenk serving as the SPEAC faculty advisor. 

To learn more or get involved, visit SPEAC’s website.

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