Fall 2021 STEP course offerings

We are pleased to announce that the STEP program will be offering two courses in the Fall 2021 semester:

Policy Gateway: Policy and Decision Making in STEM-H Domains
PSCI 5104 (SPIA 5104, STS 5104)
Drs. Karen Hult & Todd Schenk

Available in-person to Blacksburg-based students through the following CRNs:

  • 92410 (PSCI-5104)
  • 92411 (SPIA-5104)
  • 92412 (STS-5104)

And online to all students via the following CRNs:

  • 92413 (PSCI-5104)
  • 92414 (SPIA-5104)
  • 92415 (STS-5104)

Tools and Approaches for Policy-Making in STEM-H Domains
STAT-5134 (PSCI-5134, SPIA-5134)
Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

Available online for everyone via the following CRNs:

  • 92183 (STAT-5134)
  • 92201 (PSCI-5134)
  • 92202 (SPIA-5134)

Please find course descriptions here. There are no prerequisites for either course, and they are open to and all, regardless of whether or not you are considering continuing with the STEP graduate certificate. We also anticipate offering STEP seminar events – please stay tuned!

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