Recording & Slides from Lynn Scarlett’s Keynote Seminar

Lynn Scarlett Keynote - Opening Slide

We were extremely honored to have Lynn Scarlett, Chief External Affairs Officer at The Nature Conservancy join us for our inaugural keynote seminar on Tuesday, April 27th. Her talk was titled Climate change, conservation, and communities: Taking Science to Action.

The event was extremely well received by the 90+ students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders that attended virtually. The presentation was preceded by kind words of introduction from VT’s Vice President for Research & Innovation Daniel Sui and an introduction to the STEP Program from Director Todd Schenk. The talk was followed by remarks from University Distinguished Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering Amy Pruden. The Q&A was launched with an opening question from STEP Graduate Scholar and CEE Ph.D. student Kory Wait.


Please note that, unfortunately, the introductory remarks from Drs. Sui & Schenk and the first few seconds of Ms. Scarlett’s talk are missing. To partially compensate, here are the slides:

Overview of the STEP Program (Todd Schenk) – PDF

Climate Change, Conservation, and Communities: Taking Science to Action (Lynn Scarlett) – PDF

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