Second class: Decision Making, Reflective Practice, and Engagement

Our second course designed under the STEP banner is now underway! It is called Decision Making, Reflective Practice, and Engagement in STEM-H Domains SPIA 5124 (PSCI 5124) (STS 5124)

This course will be a part of the STEP graduate certificate but is open to any and all graduate students. Those interested in registering can do so through the following CRNs: 21289, 21979, 21293, 21292.

The course will critically examine:

  • Effective collaborative techniques for bringing officials, scientific & technical experts, and other stakeholders (including communities) together to advance decision-making;
  • How organizations and institutions make policy decisions, considering the range of interests and priorities, and behavioral, organizational, and ethical factors;
  • How we can bridge the theoretical and applied, nurturing more reflective practice; and
  • The roles of ‘big data’ in decision-making.

Please reach out to instructor Todd Schenk ( if you have any questions.

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